My apologies

I want to apologize for not keeping this sucker up to date. I confess I forgot the user name and password until today. Now if I can just figure out how to get the pictures off my phone and onto the computer....


More Halloween Fun

ta da...the winner...one night stand

hey, those don't look like pancakes

the hound

the redneck

scary....just scary...

this is funny

¿Dondé está usted?

Not So Innocent - be careful what you order...

Innocent Little Monster


Grand Opening of "The Four Deuces"

Murder Mystery Dinner Pictures are finally here. Oh what fun!

Al Capone - "Big Jim's" Hit Man, U.S. Congressman Toosteal (Also "Big Jim" before he died) and his mistress, Vicky Ravioli

Vicky Ravioli & Capo "Toto" Tequila - The "Boss of Bosses"

Vicky and Sly Sleeze - "Toto's" hitman & Rebecca's secret husband

Madame Meme - Don's wife & The Miss Kitty, Vicky, Carrie Cooner-Ravioli - "Big Jim's" new wife

Don Wannabe - The Club Owner, Vicky Ravioli - "Big Jim's" Ex-wife & Inspector Nutella - The Law


Meg & Claudia's Halloween Costume Party

The pictures and the subtitles are courtesy of Dr. Tim (a.k.a. "have you seen me?")

"Yummy Bunny"

"Naked Cow Girl"

"MMG & K"

"Marilyn & her Google"

"Lost + Found = Dancing"

"Johnny B with B"

"Jemima & Monroe"

"Hick & Suck"

"Have you seen me?"

"The Fox & The Hound"

"Feeling Stabby"

"Countess de Sangre"

"Chocolatizing 2"

"Chocolatizing 1"

"Caramel Race"


Pumpkins from Jean's Party

Can you guess which one is mine?